10 Skill Development Tricks

Skill is the ability of an individual to perform an activity to a high level of proficiency. Developing new skills and honing existing ones can be done through continuous learning and practice. The job market is ever evolving with advanced versions of technologies and processes being introduced at rapid speed. This has created a constant dire need for skilled workforce in almost all industries. A mere qualification is not enough in today’s competitive world. What one needs is to develop technical and soft skill and being abreast about the adjacent technologies to sustain in this dynamic job market. But, how does one acquire and master these skills? Let’s take a look at few simple tips that will help you get there:

Be Curious

Curiosity naturally drives you into gathering information about something and delve deep into it. Learning becomes an enjoyable experience and opens doors of possibilities if you are constantly intrigued and curious to know things better.

Be open to challenges

Facing challenges help you learn new skills to excel in that situation, while also enabling you to find ways to fix a problem leading to an overall growth opportunity. Monotony in everyday life leads to complacency and boredom which naturally affects our existing skills, learning another is a far cry. Instead, being open to challenges will help you take your learning and delivery scale several notches higher.

Learn from other people’s experiences

They say life happens, but it happens differently for different people. Learning from other people’s experiences is a great value add. Interact with as many people as possible. After all, effective communication is 50% battle won.

Participate in events

Attending events related to your domain or field you want to excel in will not only help you learn more but will also help you add new perspective to things as you meet and interact with people. Networking is key!

Have a mentor

You may come across several experts in your field of work/study and will learn from everyone. But having one such mentor provides direction, guidance, peace of mind and zest to learn more as you progress

Seek feedback

While working on a project or assignment seek regular feedback from your seniors and peers. Constructive feedback will help you understand what you are doing well and what areas you need to improve on


Smartphones and technology have made information available to us anytime, anywhere. Periodically reading books, journals, participating in forums helps you enhance your knowledge in your field of work as well as areas of interest. Reading brings in immense awareness and keeps you abreast of all happenings

Set realistic goals

Unrealistic goals can often be demotivating. Set goals which are specific, tangible and achievable which constantly inspire you to develop and master new skills along the way


It is right said, if you want to learn something then learn it on the job! One of the most effective ways of developing a particular skill after reading about it is actually performing the task. Take up more projects and volunteer to handle assignments which require the skill that you want to develop/hone.

Know yourself

It is important to introspect from time to time and ask yourself insightful questions. Having clarity and acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses puts you on the path of continuous self-development
Following these simple, yet important tips will lead you to having a fulfilling career. Skill development, if treated as a personal responsibility helps you become a better individual and professional creating better value in the workplace and the society at large.