An end-use part is a good that is sold as a product, used as a sub-assembly in a product, or used as a component in a product. With 3D printing, you can create end-use parts without tooling, making it possible to create custom parts and complex designs in a cost-efficient manner.
Additive manufacturing also removes many traditional manufacturing limitations, allowing you to eliminate design constraints and prioritize part function. Bypassing these compromises leads to simplified assemblies and improved part performance, all while utilizing less direct labour to produce parts
Benefits of 3D Printed End Use parts:
Print on-demand and save on inventory, storage, and costly lead times; making low to high-volume production economically viable. 3D printing is optimised for customization, taking the cost out of making complex parts. So, your only real cost is the material you use.
Whether you are looking for support in part certification, special material properties, technology that creates lighter and stronger parts, customizations, more flexible inventory, to manufacture complex structures, or improve texture of your final parts – we make the process simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Streamline supply chains, reduce costs and boost your competitive advantage.