Latest 3D Printers at Matrix Moon

The most common 3D printing technology used in education is Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) mainly because this technology is easy to use and doesn’t need any special training, while it is not suitable for printing end use production parts. Industry is not looking for graduates trained in something that a high school student can easily do. They are looking for graduates who are trained in a high‐end 3D printing technology which can be used for 3D printing end‐use complex production parts. As companies expand their use of 3D printing from prototyping to production, they need a trained workforce which is capable of understanding the complexities of designing parts for 3D printing and are able to operate production grade 3D printers. For this reason, we are aiming to augment the supply of our partner’s (3D Systems) Figure4 3D printing technology, the Figure4 Standalone printer, which is an ultra-fast and affordable industrial 3D printer.

There are several advantages of the Figure 4 technology over FFF:

For these reasons printers using Figure 4 technology are used for production applications in industries like jewelery, dental, healthcare, consumer goods, aerospace, automotive, etc.