Nylon – PA11, PA12


Direct digital production of precision plastic parts & ultra-fast same-day rapid prototyping with a range of innovative materials.
Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 10
Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 15
Figure 4 TOUGH-BLK 20
Figure 4 Tough 60C White
Figure 4 Tough 65C Black
Get true-to-CAD prototypes in a diverse range of plastic, elastomeric, composite, & wax materials.
VisiJet Armor (M2G-CL)
VisiJet CR-BK
VisiJet CR-CL 200
VisiJet M2R-CL
VisiJet M2R-GRY
VisiJet M2R-WT
VisiJet M3-X
Get highly accurate prototypes in large variety of material selections perfect for rapid manufacturing applications.
Accura ABS White (SL 7810)
Accura ABS Black (SL 7820)
Accura ClearVue (SLA)
Accura ClearVue Free (SL 7870)
Accura Xtreme White 200
Accura Xtreme
Accura 55
Accura 60


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Melt & Fuse Powdered thermoplastics using high powered CO2 lasers to produce tough & functional parts.